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What is mind, What is Soul or Consciousness

From Crime Age to Divine Age
Man today is unmindful of what effect his actions will have on others. He has scant regard for the welfare of others. His insatiable greed has resulted in inhuman exploitation of others. In this, he has gone even to the extent of depriving others of bare necessities of life. Black-marketing, hoarding, bribery and adulteration hold no bar for him. He can adulterate even such things as food-stuff and spices and what are called 'life-saving drugs'. He can sell spurious medicines though it may injure the health of others. He even pollutes the atmosphere and the water-resources through the industrial wastes, chimney soot and smoke from the motor vehicles to the detriment of all. To be brief, man is now living on brother man. He has now become callous and cruel.
His anger is now more wild than even the wild animals themselves. Though possessed with language and reasoning faculty, he strikes head against head to settle his disputes. And, his hand has horns too and his hands have the claws too! He has spent astronomically high amounts to pile up atom and hydrogen bombs for destroying 'civilization' and for feeding the cannon with fodder though millions of his brothers have nothing to feed them with.
What is mind, What is Soul or Consciousness
This world will soon become a better place to live in and will soon have the Golden Age or the era of peace and purity if man realises the self as distinct from the body, practises soul-consciousness and, on that basis, adopts motto of World Brotherhood.In order to end the Iron Age, the society has to understand that the root cause of all sufferings and troubles in the world is that man has gradually come to identify himself with the body. Today, little does he realise, and much less does he practise the truth that, in this body which is made of inert matter, dwells a conscient and immortal entity - the eternal spark of life and light, called the soul.
The body is like a temple and the soul is like the flame of light or like the deity in a temple. The body is like a car and the soul like its driver. The body is an assemblage of instruments in the shape of various organs - whereas the soul is its user. The body and the brain are like a computer whereas the soul it is that programmes it and uses it. The body is not for its own sake but for a conscient user, called the soul.
The soul is like a micro-star. It abides in the body, midway between the eye-brows, where a devout in India apply Tilak - a sacred mark. Here, it is connected with the brain and the nervous system.
The soul has three intrinsic abilities which the body or anything else, made of matter, does not possess. These are (1) the ability to think or wish or will, (2) the ability to judge, understand or investigate and (3) the ability to retain impressions of past thoughts in the form of attitudes, moods or habits. The first of these is known as Mind, the second as Intellect and the third as Samskãras, Resolves or the Latencies.
It is these abilities which distinguish one man from another and determine the mental and moral state of a person. One who is given to violence and other evils is known as a sinner, the other who makes efforts to purify his thoughts, judgment and resolves is known as a 'Mahãtma' or 'an elevated soul' whereas the one who has completely divinised himself, is called a devãtma or a deity. It should thus be clearly borne in mind that it is the soul that suffers or enjoys because of its bad or good actions, for mind is not an entity separate from the soul; rather, it is the name given to the manifestation of soul's consciousness.

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